Skydive Queenstown Review : Exhilarating and Unforgettable!

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Wow, now if you’re into truly exhilarating experiences way up there in the off-the-comfort-radar, then this is for you! This tandem skydive at 12,000ft above Lake Glenorchy was a truly magical experience, however very intense.

Skydive Paradise

The Experience

At the height of my adrenaline junkie experiences, I took a tandem skydive of 12,000 feet with a 45 second freefall in Queenstown.

First we drove out to the barely touched world of Glenorchy and climbed into a tiny little plane that took me on an awesome ride above Queenstown and the snow covered Alps. I swear the airplane ride was amazing enough!

When instructed, we moved to the edge of the plane and jumped out at 12,000ft above Lake Glenorchy. I had views literally from one side of the island to the other. The mountains were covered in snow, making the views that much more magical.

The freefall was something indescribable. I found the pressure really hurt my ears, and there’s a reason you’re not allowed to wear anything loose fitting! A 45 second freefall is actually a really long time it seems when in the moment! You would think it would pass really fast, but you have time to contemplate your life as you rush towards the earth!

After the freefall, the instructor opens the parachute and your falling slows. He controls where you go and at what speed. At one point my tandem instructor let me hold the reins and we floated magically and quietly in the air. This was definitely a highlight, it was so still and silent and the view – well to die for!

Wow, wow wow. Just wow.

Date of Activity : August 2008

The Review

Skydive Queenstown

10 Score

"A truly exhilarating experience that was amazing from start to finish!"

The Good

  • Exhilarating Experience

The Bad

  • Wouldn't fault it


  • Location 100%
  • Service 100%
  • Value for Money 100%
  • Experience 100%
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