Lake Tekapo Tavern Review : Average quality food but stunning views!

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Nice warm tavern, with 2 fires a bar, pokies room, pool table and restaurant. The restaurant service was simple, but the tables looked towards huge glass windows that gave unimpeded views across Lake Tekapo. A couple couches, and a kids area with desks, drawing, and blocks were nice added touches.

Food was fairly pricey, and of average quality. But I was impressed to find I could get a gluten free burger, which although I got a sore jaw eating it, was still worth it as it can be hard to get gluten free food in small towns. For lunch, I ordered a GF fish burger with fries, the kids shared a basket of fries with 3 mini hot dogs and my husband had a Give it a Go burger with fries. Chips were nice, but my husband did not enjoy his burger.

Lunch Cost : $40.50

We came back for dinner in the evening. We weren’t able to buy milkshakes or anything for the kids, but we could get simple glasses of juice. I ordered a lamb shank with steamed veges and mashed potatoes. Definitely would not recommend it, the potato was more lumps than mash, and the lamb shank was so tough and overcooked I could barely cut it and had no interest in eating it. My husband had the beer battered blue cod, and really enjoyed it. The kids shared chips, nuggets and mini hot dogs.

The restaurant section got quite cold if people left the door open at the restaurant end, which it seemed they were very want to do. Otherwise relatively comfortable.

Dinner Cost : $87.00

Lake Tekapo Tavern Contact Details

Phone: 0800 100 890
Address: State Highway 8, Main Road, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The Review

Lake Tekapo Tavern

6.5 Score

"Food was pricey and average, but you can't beat those huge glass windows looking out over Lake Tekapo and the surrounding mountains!"

The Good

  • Warm Tavern with Great Lake Views
  • Kidz Zone

The Bad

  • Average, Pricey Food


  • Pretty good service, average but pricey food. 65%
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