Inflatable World – Redwood Review : Fun but too hot!

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If you’re looking for a fun day out with your kids, or some young teenage fun, then Inflatable World is the place to be. This huge warehouse is set up with dozens of enormous bouncy castles of all themes, shapes and activities. Inflatable World Redwood’s bouncy castles were great fun, and included a large ball shaped castle that the kids had to try and climb, and a leap of faith bouncy castle where the kids leap off an edge to a waiting platform below.

The Experience

Inflatable World Redwood did not lack in great fun for the kids. The bouncy castles were great, with plenty of options for all ages. It was however, pretty grimy and oh-so-hot. Even us adults were dripping sweat after a couple hours, and the kids were just soaked. Really gross, definitely needs more ventilation and cooling options.

We were there for a birthday boy, and the parents had hired a table. $150, but you get to bring all your own food, includes a certain number of free jumpers, and you get a large bench table enough to fit a party or a dozen or so. However, the layout was poorly planned as the party table put you in a cornered off area, where you had to go quite a way around to get to certain sections – for us the little kiddie area which was not far from us, but inaccessible directly.

For individuals, the cost is around $12 per person. Not too bad, as you can stay as long as you like – or as long as you can handle the ridiculous heat.

Parking didn’t seem very good here either, but so long as not too busy it would be ok.

Would pick the Inflatable World on 5-7 Iversen Tce, Waltham, Central Christchurch instead myself.

Date of Activity : February 2016

Inflatable World Redwood Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 680 6609
Address: 67 Sturrocks Road, Redwood, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Review

Inflatable World Redwood

8.3 Score

"Heaps of fun for the kids - and big kids too! Was way too hot though, eugh."

The Good

  • Lots of Options
  • Fairly Cheap Fun

The Bad

  • Hardly any Ventilation
  • Limited Parking
  • Poorly Laid Out


  • Service 90%
  • Venue 50%
  • Activity 100%
  • Value for Money 90%
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