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I’m always on the hunt for healthy food ingredients, especially healthy simple snacks. School lunches are a constant battle in my house, trying to make them interesting, different, yummy but still healthy. It’s also hard to find really simple foods that are healthy but don’t need a lot of prep.

When I came across Botanical Ingredients I had never heard of freeze dried fruit before. We’d tried dried fruits from the supermarket and other local stores, but my children aren’t a big fan and they’re full of preservatives or really expensive.

We also love that freeze dried fruits are crunchy – not chewy. They’re also one of the healthiest options for drying fruit, retaining almost all of their nutrients!

So far, we’ve tried the:

  • Freeze dried apple cubes
  • Freeze dried strawberry crumble
  • Freeze dried strawberry slices
  • Freeze dried banana slices
  • Freeze dried blueberries
  • Freeze dried sour cherries
  • Dark agave syrup
  • Raw organic cacao

Botanical Ingredients - freeze dried sour cherries

The apple cubes, strawberry slices and blueberries are awesome snacks for the kids lunches. They can’t get enough of the strawberry slices, constantly asking for them for snacks.

The banana slices were a little more hit and miss, as they taste like over-ripe bananas and we’ve never been fans of over-ripe bananas.

The blueberries are delicious in cereal, and I have them in my cereal each morning. They’re full of antioxidants, so a perfect healthy addition.

Botanical Ingredients - freeze dried blueberries

The sour cherries, while a bit more expensive, are absolutely delicious in salads. I can’t rate them high enough.

I love being able to buy bulk – I buy the 500g options where possible.

Our products arrived in a box, packaged in smaller lined paper zipper-lock bags. I like that I can open them in smaller amounts as if they get moisture they lose their crunchiness.

We’ve been ordering from Botanical Ingredients for several months now and always happy with the service and the products. This month we’re going to try some of the dried fruit powders – I have lemon powder and strawberry powder in my order.

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The Good

  • Quick delivery
  • Bulk quantities
  • Healthy pure ingredients with no added nasties

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  • Yummy healthy food ingredients with no added nasties 100%
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