Rolleston Food Bar Review : Pricey but yum!

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The Rolleston Food Bar is one of 2 places where you can currently buy fish and chips in Rolleston. If comparing price, they definitely rate second as you’ll need several scoops of chips compared to the alternative. However, if you’re rating the quality, then you can’t go past the Rolleston Food Bar.

Generally, fish and chips are a nice cheap takeout meal in New Zealand. However, you’re not likely to be getting fish and chips to feed the family for under $10 here. A scoop of chips at $2.90 per scoop would on average feed one adult person, so if there’s a few of you, bank on getting several scoops. A scoop of kumera chips is $5.50 per scoop, hot dogs are $2.60 each and fish are $2.90 each.

Rolleston Food Bar

For our meal we got:

  • 1 scoop chips
  • 1 scoop kumera chips
  • 2 hot dogs
  • 2 fish
  • 1 akaroa cod
  • 1 jam doughnut

Cost: $28.30

Rolleston Food Bar Contact Details

Phone: 03 347 8640
Address: 8 Chaucer St, Rolleston 7614

The Review

9 Score


The Good

  • Good quality and delicious

The Bad

  • Expensive


  • Expensive, but yummy food 90%
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