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A spur of the moment took me into this store, and after browsing their great range of piercings I decided to get a new one myself. The girl serving was very busy with all other staff on break, but was none-the-less very helpful and understanding. She listened while I explained my previous mishaps with ear piercings and let me know how they instructed clients to clear and care for piercings. After some thought and discussion, I decided on a tragus ear piercing and also wanted 2 previous ear piercings to be reopened.

The cost was $30 for the tragus including the stainless steel bar.

The cost was $12 to reopen 2 old piercings and the jewellery for them.

The girl was very hygienic, all equipment was fully sterilised, and the process explained in full. I have to admit to the tragus piercing being a bit painful, but then I’m pretty sure everything hurts more after 30 years of age!

Would absolutely go back here for new piercings.


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Phone: (03)348 7366


The Review

trendez Riccarton Mall

10 Score

"The staff at trendez Riccarton Mall were friendly, understanding and helpful. Would happily go back to get more piercings done here."

The Good

  • Really helpful friendly staff
  • Great range of piercings
  • Top quality work, fully sterilised and clean

The Bad

  • Wouldn't fault them


  • Friendly, hygienic piercings 100%
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Anna Hayes

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