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Going to the dentist can be a terrifying experience. I’ve had some true nightmare experiences with dentists and getting teeth pulled, so I have to admit to getting pretty squeemish and scared when it comes time for a visit to the dentist! Luckily, about 8 years, I was introduced to Peter at Sydenham Dental Centre, and have never had a horror dental experience since.

Peter is the main dentist and owner/operator of Sydenham Dental Centre. He is kind, caring and understanding, and always friendly and chatty like we’re old friends. He does his best to remember personal details about his clients and tries to make you feel totally at ease and comfortable.

The reception staff are all friendly and helpful, and the nurses are quick to make a joke to make you smile and lessen the fear of having your teeth drilled, poked, scraped and pulled!

Before I had children, I saw the hygienist relatively regularly. She always did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth, and was proactive in suggesting changes that might help to look after the health of my teeth and gums.

I find the prices fair and affordable, and although I was unable to get a full surgical wisdom tooth extraction done here, nothing has ever been a problem – not even rebuilding the tooth that a previous dentist had smashed and destroyed while trying to hack out a wisdom tooth that should have been a surgical extraction by a qualified endodondist (my biggest horror dental experience that had me avoiding dentists for years after!!!). Peter was kind and gentle and although I still don’t like going to the dentist, I know I’m in good hands now.

Sydenham Dental Centre are great family dentists and also offer emergency same-day appointments to relieve you of pain (make sure you tell them).

For a great, caring dentist in Christchurch – I totally recommend Sydenham Dental Centre.

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Sydenham Dental Centre

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"Sydenham Dental Centre are kind caring and gentle dentists located in Christchurch. Absolutely recommend them."

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  • Friendly, Professional, Caring

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  • Nothing, absolutely recommend them


  • Really lovely, caring dentists 100%
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