Pita Pit – Barrington Review : Delicious, healthy, but pricey

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If you like Subway, but prefer a wrap, then Pita Pit might just be the option for you. They have a huge range of salads, and a few meat options for their wraps, along with some healthy smoothies and some less healthy options like wedges and pizza.

Pita Pit Wrap

Being gluten intolerant, I’m unable to have Subway sandwiches which has been a real blow to me. I love a good hearty, healthy sandwich and there’s really not a lot of options for you when you’re on the go, and gluten intolerant! However, Pita Pit do a delicious gluten free wrap, and I load it up with all the salads along with some nice hot jalapenos and toast it for one of the best wraps I’ve ever had, from anywhere!

They’re smoothies are healthy options, and taste it as they are not as sweet as you get elsewhere.

I’d take a pass on the wedges as the first time I ordered them they were only partly cooked.

Only downside is the price. Definitely a very pricey option, especially if trying to feed a family. They do have a loyalty card though that quickly collects points and rewards you with free pita pits when you have enough.

For $42 I got:

1 Regular GF Ceasar Wrap
2 Small GF Ceasar Wraps
1 Phoenix Organic Drink

Pita Pit Meal

Pita Pit Contact Details

Phone: 03 331 6268
Address: 256 Barrington Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
Website: http://pitapit.co.nz/stores/barrington

The Review

Pita Pit Barrington

9 Score

"Delicious healthy option meal - though quite pricey."

The Good

  • Delicious healthy meals

The Bad

  • Very pricey


  • Delicious healthy meals, but costly 90%
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