Ventech – New Zealand’s Best Bathroom Extraction Fans?


Good home ventilation is really important in New Zealand. There are lots of ways you can achieve proper ventilation, from opening windows to installing a high quality bathroom extraction fan. Ventech are suppliers of top of the line, whisper quiet bathroom extraction fans, with a range of options to suit bathrooms of various sizes, layouts and styles.

Best Performing Bathroom Extraction Fans in New Zealand

Ventech’s unique bathroom extraction fans are amongst the best performing ventilation systems in New Zealand. Subtle with extract grills that can be matched to the extraction fan, these fans can be colour matched to your bathroom space, bringing harmony to your home architecture.

Whisper Quiet Bathroom Extraction Systems

Don’t settle for cheap, foreign made extraction systems, when you can buy whisper quiet bathroom extractor fans direct from Ventech. Integrating seamlessly into your home, these high perform and virtually silent extraction systems create a drier, healthier home – eradicating condensation and bad odours.

Bathroom with Ventech extractor fan installed above the showerMatch the Extraction Fan with an Extraction Grille

For a seamless and beautiful integration into your home, match your bathroom extractor fan with a Ventech extraction grille. Available in negative detail or framed fit, this extraction system creates an effective, silent ventilation system that is great for keeping your bathroom warm and dry.

More than Just Bathrooms

Not only are Ventech’s bathroom extractor fans ideal for bathrooms – you can also install them into your toilet, laundry, media closet and other internal spaces that retain moisture or bad odours. Keep your closets dry and free from musty smells, and your toilet rooms smelling fresh and clean.

Made in New ZealandVentech's bathroom extractor fans are made in New Zealand

100% kiwi owned and operated, Ventech’s bathroom extraction systems are made right here in New Zealand. With no import costs or foreign made products, you can be proud to know you are supporting New Zealand businesses when you purchase from Ventech. Their Christchurch manufacturing plant creates ventilation systems to your specifications, and then ships them direct to you.

Get in Touch with Ventech

To find out more about Ventech’s great ventilation systems, visit their website –

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