Welcome to the Launch of Reviewed NZ


Welcome to the 2016 launch of Reviewed NZ! We bring to you a website devoted to providing honest reviews of New Zealand businesses from genuine kiwi travellers.

With so many options on the market today for food, accommodation and activity, it can be hard knowing just which are the right options to suit you and your group. Reviewed NZ allows you to read through other people’s experiences and decide whether this sounds like the right place for you.

But don’t stop there! If you have had an experience with a business listed on this site, you can leave your own honest review. Your review will use your Facebook details, so everything is transparent and open. Help us help others, and let them know just what they can expect if they visit businesses around New Zealand.

Anna Hayes


Anna Hayes

I'm a passionate Kiwi with a huge love for the outdoors, photography, sports, my kids, healthy living and everything New Zealand. I've worked for many years in the tourism and internet industry, and I love supporting clean green New Zealand.

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