Hearing True – The Best Hearing Aids Available in New Zealand?


With so many hearing aids on the market today it can be hard to filter through and find the best hearing aids available in New Zealand to suit your budget, individual hearing loss, and preference.

Low Cost Hearing Aids

Hearing True are providers of low cost hearing aids in New Zealand. Their hearing aids do not include huge markup fees, nor are they cheap bulk-made devices. Sourced from Persona Medical in the US – the oldest custom hearing aid manufacturer in the US – hearing aids from Hearing True are of the latest designs and technology, and get this, they start from just $399!

Programmable or Pre-Programmed

Claret BTE hearing aid from Hearing True

If your budget is really tight, the Claret BTE hearing aid for just $399 might be perfect for you. Really, where else are you going to get a top quality hearing aid for that price?!

But the question you should ask before you rush in and buy the cheapest hearing aid available is whether or not you’d like it programmed to your individual hearing loss.

Evok 800 BTE hearing aid from Hearing True

Don’t worry, if you are stepping up to a programmable hearing aid, you won’t have to step too far.

The next cheapest device is the Evok 800 BTE hearing aid which is fully programmable and just $899.

Free Consultation, Test, Fitting & Programming Service

Let’s just clarify one thing, Hearing True are not audiologists. However in saying that, they can test your hearing for you, fit your hearing aid, and program it for you – and they’ll do all that for free!

If you’d prefer to go to an audiologist, there are lots of fully qualified audiologists available in New Zealand. Once you have your audiogram (hearing test results), you can take that to the team at Hearing True, and they can program your hearing aid from those results.

Buy Online or Direct

If you know what you want, its easy to go onto their website and shop for your hearing aids online. You can still email your audiogram to them if you purchase a programmable hearing aid, and the team will program your device before mailing it to you.

Alternatively, you can book a free appointment at their Christchurch hearing clinic and talk to the team directly. They’ll show you their available models, let you try them on, and fit and program them for you on the spot. How’s that for same day service!

Get in Touch

So if you’re looking for the best value hearing aids in New Zealand, check out Hearing True first. Give them a call on 0800 443 274 or visit their website at www.hearingtrue.co.nz. The staff are super helpful and friendly, offering caring and informative advice. You won’t be pressured into buying anything, but you might just walk out with great value hearing aids that didn’t break the bank!

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