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Knight Frank are a reliable Christchurch Property Valuer, offering land and dwelling valuation services in the Canterbury region. We found them friendly, helpful and worth the cost.

Knight Frank Property Valuers

When buying a new house, section or business investment, it is often highly recommended that you get a valuation done of the property first. This is especially important in the Canterbury region, following the 2011/2012 earthquakes.

For a recent purchase of ours, we were required by the bank to do this, before being granted the mortgage over the property. Valuations on properties located a distance from the city center can cost a fair bit more than the general $700-$1200 that you would expect, so we were a little concerned about the extra expense.

After contacting a friend, we were recommended to call Knight Frank. We did so, and spoke to Malcolm Penny who agreed to slot us in as early as possible, which was only a couple days later. He also helped us by keeping the cost low – just $700 including GST to value our out-of-town property.

Having never had a property valued before, I was quite unsure of the worth of this huge expense. However, when we received the report through about 4 days later, it was an incredibly comprehensive valuation, some 37 pages long! It went into great detail, not only about the property itself, but also the land and location.

The valuation report detailed the land value based on its location, neighboring properties, environmental issues, improvements and fertility. It outlined the current condition of the dwelling and buildings on the land, their age, condition, improvements and of course valuation. It also included several photos taken of and around the property.

After reading the extensive report, I was very satisfied that the money was well spent. Would recommend Knight Frank to others looking for a Christchurch Property Valuation.

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The Review

Knight Frank Valuers Christchurch

10 Score

"Helpful staff and a really comprehensive valuation report of the property. "

The Good

  • Adjusted Price to be Affordable
  • Prompty, Reliable, Helpful and Friendly Service

The Bad

  • Wouldn't fault them


  • Great Reliable Company, with Value-for-Money Services 100%
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