Kevin Stephens Motors Review : Friendly, Helpful Mechanics

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I really think I’ve found my new favourite mechanics in the whole world! The lovely, friendly chaps at Kevin Stephens Motors in Leeston have seemingly done anything for me, constantly helping me out to the best of their abilities – above and beyond the required – whenever I’ve found myself broken down, flat battery, blown up car, or other mechanical disaster.

Living in the country you quickly realise how important your vehicle is! There are no buses you can catch if your car breaks down, and no one wants to think about the bank-account-breaking-costs of getting a taxi out that far! So many times over the past couple years my 4×4 has broken down or had a flat battery, or my partner’s car has had some mechanical issue and he’s taken mine to work. That leaves me without any way to get the kids to school and preschool, get groceries, get to the doctors etc – all of which is quite an problem!

Several times I’ve called up the boys at Kevin Stephens Motors and they’ve come out to my pad to jump start my car or tow a vehicle – even starting work early so they could drop me their loan car and tow in my car before they opened up shop!

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Several times they’ve fixed something small and refused to charge me. Large bills they happily let sit as 20th of the following month accounts. Honestly, who does that?!

They have a loan car or two and always try their best to work it in so that whoever needs it the most gets it. Some of the loan cars are in pretty poor state to be fair, but hey, who’s complaining about a free loan car?

Truly above and beyond. These boys are just amazing. I’d recommend them any day of the week – even if you had to travel out of Christchurch just to use them.

The Review

10 Score


The Good

  • Friendly and so helpful
  • Really cheap

The Bad

  • Wouldn't fault them


  • So friendly, helpful and affordable. Love these guys! 100%
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