dōTERRA Review : High Quality Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

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For a long time now I’ve loved healthy living. I suffer from a host of health issues, so I’m constantly turning to nature for help. I found essential oils 2 years ago, mostly arising out of the need to treat my newborns chronic bronchitis. She coughed and hacked and wheezed and there was nothing that the doctors or specialists gave me that made a difference. The one thing that did help was a steam vaporizer I borrowed from friend, with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and other essential oils blended specifically for coughing and colds. It definitely helped, so I became hooked. The problem was that they were so expensive!

Recently, talking to a friend she recommended I join dōTERRA – I’d get wholesale prices and you have the opportunity to sign up as a wellness advocate and turn your passion for essential oils and healthy living into a business! It came with a $40 join fee, or you can opt to buy a reduced price kit. I picked the Home Essentials Kit – 10 essential oils and a beautiful mist Petal Diffuser.

Even with rural delivery, my kit came beautifully packaged with the most beautiful welcome booklets I’ve ever seen just 3 days later.

When my kit arrived, my little one was again sick with a racking cough. I immediately set up the diffuser with the Easy Air essential oil and rushed it up beside her bed. I had it running that day for her nap and that evening for her night sleep. It was the first night she’d actually managed to sleep through without waking hacking and coughing.

The kids and I love picking different flavours to put in the diffuser in the lounge. When the kids get tired and grumpy I put the peppermint or lavendar on. You can also add some as a flavouring to your drinks and food – I put Lemon in my water, Peppermint in my hot chocolate. Wild Orange I’m told is just beautiful to have – calming and uplifting. I’m getting that next!

If you set up an LRP order (monthly automatic order) you get points which accumulate and can be used to buy products, and if you have a big enough order you can even get a free oil a month! You can change your order each month so you don’t order the same things and you can cancel anytime.

If you join as a Wellness Advocate, you can then sign others on as well. You can earn commissions on the products they buy, and potentially build your own little dōTERRA business. You don’t have to be a Wellness Advocate, you can simply join as a customer and enjoy buying your essential oils at wholesale prices.

If you want to buy essential oils in New Zealand, check out the online store. You can shop the retail store for a few oils, or you can choose Join and Save and become part of the dōTERRA family.

dōTERRA Contact Details

Phone: 021 557 941

Website: https://www.mydoterra.com/healthyliving2018/

The Review

dōTERRA Essential Oils

10 Score

"Amazing, high quality essential oils that you can be guaranteed are pure and top quality. Shop through the retail store, or join the at dōTERRA team and enjoy wholesale prices. "

The Good

  • Really high quality oils at wholesale prices

The Bad

  • So far I haven't been disappointed


  • Such amazing health benefits with the advantage of being affordable 100%
Anna Hayes


Anna Hayes

I'm a passionate Kiwi with a huge love for the outdoors, photography, sports, my kids, healthy living and everything New Zealand. I've worked for many years in the tourism and internet industry, and I love supporting clean green New Zealand.

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