Get pristine lawns with regular lawn maintenance


We’ve all seen those gorgeously manicured lawns, perfectly cut and weed free. Have you ever wondered how they achieve them?

1 – Prevent and manage weeds

There are plenty of herbicides available from Bunnings and any other garden care business to help prevent weeds from taking root in your lawn. If you use a pre-emergent herbicide early in spring, you may be able to stop them before they come up.

For those that have sprouted, such as the dreaded broadleaf weed, apply weed control products, or remove by hand.

A handy tip for the odd weed – I use this for any thistles that come up in my lawn – pour boiling water on them.

2 – Mow your lawn frequently and not too low

Regular lawn mowing can help keep your lawn looking great. Don’t cut the grass too low or you may damage the grass and allow weeds to take root.

Make sure your lawn mower blade is sharp, or your grass may look ragged and brown.

3 – Water and feed your lawn

Watering your lawn in the morning is best, before the sun heats up. Ensure it gets a good soaking – at least a couple inches.

Nitrogen is the most important feed for your lawn, but be careful you don’t over fertilise or you may burn the grass.

4 – Reseed where necessary

If parts of your lawn is looking sparse, reseed to help green it up. Avoid reseeding your lawn in summer or winter. Different grasses grow better in cooler or warmer environments, so have a chat to your local garden shop about the best seed for your lawn.

5 – Call the experts

Sometimes getting the perfect lawn requires the help of a professional. They can check your lawn for disease, pests, weed control and also do things like scarification to create that perfect, lush green lawn.

There are lots of lawn care and garden maintenance businesses located throughout New Zealand. Some will have the tools to take care of all your lawn mowing needs – including acreages and lifestyle blocks. Others may specialise in regular maintenance of residential sections.

Anna Hayes


Anna Hayes

I'm a passionate Kiwi with a huge love for the outdoors, photography, sports, my kids, healthy living and everything New Zealand. I've worked for many years in the tourism and internet industry, and I love supporting clean green New Zealand.

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