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Kiwi owned and operated, Kim Chan Events are specialists at bespoke wedding styling, taking your ideas and dreams and creating something extraordinary with them, something that makes you and your guests go “WOW!”

Kim Chan – founder of Kim Chan Events – has had a passion for arranging flowers since childhood. With more than 25 years experience, Kim uses her passion, creativity and flair to create truly spectacular weddings.

“I love to work with people, to help them achieve their vision. Some just want a little help here and there, while others want to hand over the entire project or management of their event to me. I love to create something beyond the expected for them.”

Kim Chan

Whatever your vision for your wedding – whether it is a beautiful white wedding, a gorgeous summer wedding full of colour and vibrancy, something daring and out of the ordinary, or something traditional and full of flair, the talented team of designers at Kim Chan Events can take your ideas and concepts and use their creative skills to turn them into something truly memorable.

Marquee wedding styling by Kim Chan Events

“We had 3 days of incredible moments. The wedding was the most memorable. It was the perfect day with no wind or rain, probably the most relaxing day since everything was so well organized.  Seeing all the elements put together on the day after all the months of planning and conversations was incredibly overwhelming.

Every little detail we discussed and talked about was there.  The colours were incredible. One email we received from Kim Chan read ‘I look forward to working with you and assisting you in making your wedding better than you ever envisioned’.  

Kim totally delivered on her promise.  The Dream Team made it perfect with beautiful flowers, amazing food and stunning artistry from the photographer.  Surprise: Dinosaurs!”

Mira & Greg
Mira’s wedding bouquet by Kim Chan Events

Whatever your dream, Kim Chan Events can realise your vision bigger and better than you could expect. From beautiful bouquets and wedding flowers, to full wedding styling, Kim Chan Events will turn your vision into reality and delight you with the results.

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